1990 Annual Release: Department of the Taoiseach Central Registry

1990 Annual Release: Department of the Taoiseach Central Registry

Commencing in 1922, the Central Registry files of the Department of the Taoiseach and of its predecessor, the Department of the President of the Executive Council, were originally numbered in a straight numerical sequence and bear the alphabetical prefix ‘S’. The content of the files is varied, containing primarily background papers, including memoranda and correspondence, relating to matters considered at meetings of Government. The files also document the formulation and administration of Government policy, the performance by the Taoiseach of duties as head of Government, as well as more routine internal departmental matters, such as staffing and accommodation. The files released for 1990 include reference to Ireland’s European Council Presidency, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and the Stardust Disaster Tribunal.

A selection of files have been scanned and are available to view as PDF documents below.  See here for the full list to the complete 1990 release.


2020/3/16  Death sentence: procedure; abolition proposals;
commutation of sentences; Criminal Justice Act, 1990.

2020/3/17  Government meetings: confidential nature and nonrecording of discussions.

2020/3/216  Stardust (Artane) Disaster, 14 February 1981: Tribunal

2020/3/236  Air Pollution Act, 1987.

2020/3/246  European Council meeting, Dublin, June 1990.

2020/3/254  Aids: public information campaign.

2020/3/312  Taoiseach: attendance at functions.

2020/3/403  Ministerial group on Ireland’s European Council
Presidency, 1990.

2020/3/409  Ministerial group on Ireland’s European Council
Presidency, 1990.

2020/3/411  European Community: visit of Commission to Ireland,
January 1990.

2020/3/412  Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association: Taoiseach’s
meeting, 1 November 1989.

2020/3/417  Taoiseach: visit to Paris, France, 5 February 1990.

2020/3/419  Informal European Community Summit, Dublin.

2020/3/421  Informal European Community Summit, Dublin.

2020/3/425  Meeting with European Trade Union Confederation, 14
February 1990.

2020/3/427  Taoiseach Charles Haughey: visit to USA, 26-28 February 1990.

2020/3/429  Taoiseach Charles Haughey: statement to European
Parliament, 16 May 1990.

2020/3/437  Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, 1990:

2020/3/438  Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, 1990.

2020/3/439  Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, 1990.




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