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Readers’ tickets

How do I apply for a Reader’s Ticket?

Applications for a reader’s ticket can now be made online in advance of a visit, but do note that tickets will only be issued in person.

It is essential that applicants provide valid photographic identification as well as proof of their permanent address, and the latter must not be older than six months. Without this ID we will be unable to issue a ticket and grant access to the collections. We will accept a combined document such as a driver’s licence with a photograph and current address. Existing researchers applying for a renewal of their ticket must also produce photographic identification and proof of address. The tickets, which are free of charge, are issued for a period of three years and are valid only in the National Archives.

Replacement of readers tickets

A charge of €5.00 per ticket will be levied where a researcher has misplaced or forgotten their reader’s ticket. The ticket will be valid for the same period as the original ticket. Researchers must show photographic identification and proof of their permanent address for a replacement ticket to be issued.

The reader’s ticket must be produced at the front desk on each visit to the National Archives. Researchers who fail to show their reader’s ticket at the front desk will be refused entry.

Why is gaining access to the National Archives so strict?

Archives are unique documents and need to be protected. Each researcher is obliged to provide contact details and to follow instructions regarding the handling and care of original archival material. Any damage or unnecessary handling can lead to permanent loss of information.

The theft of archives is a criminal offence under section 18(1) of the National Archives Act, 1986. Any attempt to remove archival material from the reading room will be reported to An Garda Síochána. Researchers are also requested to act in a courteous manner to staff and fellow researchers. Failure to follow the correct procedures may result in the cancellation of a reader’s ticket. For further information please see Rules for readers.

Members of the public may apply for a reader’s ticket provided they have with them photographic identification as well as proof of their permanent address.

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