1990 Annual Release: Department of Foreign Affairs Headquarters

1990 Annual Release: Department of Foreign Affairs Headquarters

The Headquarters files are part of the Central Registry series which deals with the work of various sections within the Department including protocol, consular, trade, legal, cultural and political. The files released for 1990 include reference to Nelson Mandela’s release, submarines in Irish waters, and relations between East Germany and the European Economic Community.

A selection of files have been scanned and are available to view as PDF documents below.  See here for the full list to the complete 1990 release.


2020/22/6  South Africa; political developments including Nelson
Mandela’s release

2020/22/13  Nelson Mandela release and role in South Africa.

2020/22/41  Reports and statements of speeches made by German
Chancellor Kohl on the political situation in Federal Republic of Germany

2020/22/369  Submarines in Irish waters.

2020/22/372  Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland, 1985 to 1991.

2020/22/452  Irish Presidency of the European Council 1990: political consultations with East Germany.

2020/22/617  East Germany and the EEC [European Economic

2020/22/618  East Germany and the EEC [European Economic
Community]; German unification.

2020/22/1006  Trilateral Commission [Japan, Western Europe and North America]:- Middle East Trilateral issues.

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