Ordering certified copies

It is a function of the Director to provide copies of archives in the custody of the National Archives. Where required for legal purposes, these copies can be provided as authenticated or certified copies, which are official copies bearing the seal of the National Archives and signed by the Director.

Under the National Archives Act, 1986 (Authentication of Documents) Regulations, 1988 (No S.I. No. 227/1988), the Director has designated the officers of the National Archives named below as officers authorised to certify that copies of, and extracts from archives in the custody of the National Archives, which are made by and to which the seal of the National Archives has been affixed, are true and authentic copies. The formal designation can be found here.  The most common types of records requested for certifying are testamentary records, including wills, grants of probate and schedules of assets. Court files, including publicans’ licence applications, and census returns for 1901 and 1911 are also requested regularly.

Name and grade of officer:

Helen Hewson, Keeper
Niamh McDonnell, Keeper
Brian Donnelly, Senior Archivist
Mary Mackey, Senior Archivist
Hazel Menton, Senior Archivist
Gerard Byrne, Senior Archivist
Antoinette Doran, Senior Archivist
Hanne Sheeran, Archivist
Suzanne Bedell, Archivist
Vera Moynes, Archivist
Ciara Fahy, Archivist


There is a fee for this service. For details of fees charged please see Summary of Fees for the main charges and National Archives (Fees) Regulations, 2012 for the full list.

To order a certified copy, please fill out the certified copy order form and return it with the correct payment to the National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin, D08 DF85, Ireland.

If a copy of a record is only required for information purposes, and not legal purposes, a plain copy should be ordered. A plain copy has no legal standing. For further information on obtaining a plain copy see Obtain copies of archives.