1990 Annual Release: Office of the Attorney General

1990 Annual Release: Office of the Attorney General

The Attorney General is the legal adviser to the Government and the chief law officer of the State. Their office, called the Office of the Attorney General, is made up of a number of different offices namely: 1. The Attorney General’s Office containing the advisory counsel to the Attorney General; 2. The Office of Parliamentary Counsel to the Government containing the parliamentary counsel who draft legislation; 3. The Chief State Solicitor’s Office containing the solicitors representing the Attorney and the State; 4. The Statute Law Revision Unit which is responsible for statute law reform.


The Subject Related files are the legal files of the Office of the Attorney General. They contain a broad spectrum of documents consisting of queries received and advice given by the office of the Attorney General. The selection of newly released files contain an air accident inquest into a crash at Mulhuddart, County Dublin in 1988; the Sunningdale Conference; and a passenger train derailment at Claremorris, County Mayo.

A selection of files have been scanned and are available to view as PDF documents below.  See here for the full list to the complete 1990 release.

2020/1/176    Air accident inquest: EI-BVV crash at Mulhuddart, County Dublin, 27 September 1988.

2020/1/480  Northern Ireland: Sunningdale Conference.

2020/1/488  Passenger Train Derailment at Claremorris [County Mayo], 24 September 1989.

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