What we do

Collection Care & Public Services

Collection Care and Public Services Division is comprised of a number of divisions, including Public Services, Archive Repository and Digital Management and Conservation Services.

Public Services

Public Services is responsible for providing a high quality service to researchers and archive users.

This work includes supervision of the reading room, administration of the website and social media accounts and responding to enquiries from members of the public regarding our holdings.

The section is also responsible for administering requests for copies of archives, supervising the Advance Order system, facilitating group visits and lectures, assisting the media in requests for filming or photographs of records, dealing with requests for copyright clearance, overseeing the administration of the National Archives (Fees) Regulations 2012, and administering the professional genealogy advisory service.

The section plays a central role in outreach activities, providing lectures to interested parties on the work of the National Archives and representing the National Archives at various archival and genealogy events.

Head of Division: Zoë Reid, Keeper

Head of Section: Brian Donnelly, Senior Archivist

Contact: [email protected]

Archive Repository & Digital Management

Archive Repository and Digital Management is responsible for the management of all archive storage in the National Archives. This work involves ensuring archives are stored securely in optimal archival conditions, that accurate data is kept to locate each document, and the management of productions of all archives to and from the reading room. The section is also responsible for reproduction services which provides copies of documents to the public, including certified copies, licensing, copyright and permission to publish. As part of this work the section carries out digitisation projects and plays an integral role in the continued expansion of digitised collections available online.

Archive Repository and Digital Management works closely with the Office of Public Works in the provision of archive storage and accommodation space for the National Archives, and is the point of contact for the current Archive Repository Project to build modern archival-standard accommodation at Bishop Street.

Head of Division: Zoë Reid, Keeper

Head of Section: Hazel Menton, Senior Archivist

Contact details: [email protected]

Conservation Services

Conservation services plays a central role in ensuring the permanent preservation of archives in our care. The section works closely with colleagues to identify and assess damaged collections and to undertake the necessary repair work, when required. All collections chosen for digitisation must be assessed by conservation to ensure the best quality image can be captured. All newly transferred material must also be assessed to ensure no contaminated archives are allowed into the storage facilities.

Conservators play a vital role in providing ongoing training to colleagues and government departments in the correct handling and use of archives to ensure potential damage is kept to a minimum. This includes instruction on the use of archival quality storage material and the correct methods for the boxing of archives.

Head of Division: Zoë Reid, Keeper

Head of Section: Zoe Reid, Senior Conservator

Contact: [email protected]