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Event: ‘On The Record – Reflections on The Good Friday / Belfast Agreement’

In collaboration with the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, on 3 April 2023 we were delighted to organise 'On The Record: Reflections on the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday Agreement)’, a panel discussion to mark the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Belfast Agreement/Good Friday Agreement. It was held at PRONI, in Belfast's Titanic Quarter. Chaired by current affairs presenter Miriam O'Callaghan, the event offered perspectives on official state records relating to the Multi-Party Agreement and the British-Irish Agreement. Panel members were invited to consider a selection of state records held in the archives – released under the 20-year rule – relating to the negotiation of the Belfast Agreement and to use these documents to reflect upon the events and atmosphere of the time and its significance in our shared history. The panel will bring different perspectives to bear on the process and the agreement itself as historian, diplomat, journalist and artist, and speak to the importance of the public record in preserving our collective memory.