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How our pages look

All of the pages on the site have the same ‘look and feel’. The top of the page contains links to the homepage, the search box and a link to change text and colours. Underneath is the main site navigation which is categorised into eight topics: Home, About us, Visit us, Search the archives, Genealogy, Services, Research and Digital resources.


Next, the page splits into two columns:


  • The lefthand menu will change as you browse through the subsection


  • The column in the centre (content column) is where you’ll find the text of the page you’ve browsed to



Font sizes

This site makes use of stylesheets that allow for flexible resizing of fonts to meet user requirements. The ‘Change text’ and colour box options at the top of each page allow you to choose how you want your text to appear.


Alternatively, if you find that font sizes are too small, simply increase the default font size used in your web browser software – for example, in Internet Explorer, font sizes can be changed in the ‘View’ menu under ‘Text Size’ (this feature may not work correctly in all web browsers).



PDF format

Some of the information on this website is available in .pdf format to provide for easier reading and printing offline. This format is not readily accessible to users with disabilities but we are working to make our online resources as accessible as possible by providing documents in accessible HTML.



Let us know

If you encounter any difficulties in using our site, please contact us.