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Anglo-Irish Treaty Document Resource pack


Welcome to the National Archives’ document resource pack on the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, which has been produced in partnership with the Department of Education. It is a teaching tool and secondary source for use in the classroom by second-level educators and students.  The pack is intended for use as a supplementary source by teachers and students in parallel with their course work

It is based on Treaty records held in the National Archives and its contents are drawn mainly from the Dáil Éireann record series and the papers of Treaty delegate and Minister for Economic Affairs Robert C. Barton.

It provides students with the opportunity to work with primary source material in the form of reproduction records relating to the negotiations and signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921.

The contents are mapped to the learning outcomes for the history curriculums (ordinary and higher level) at Junior, Transition Year and Senior Cycles (Later Modern Ireland module).


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  • Biographies of the Irish and British delegates who negotiated the Anglo-Irish Treaty


  • Eight key documents relating to the negotiations and signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty


  • Timeline of events in 1921


  • Explanation of the Treaty articles


  • Research activity for Junior Cycle/Transition Year students


  • Glossary of terms


  • Online resources and further reading


These are self-contained units which can be explored either separately or in tandem with each other and teachers can decide which units and in what order to engage with in the classroom.

The eight key documents are accompanied by associated questions and tasks which are categorised according to Junior and Senior Cycle and Transition Year levels.

These records are complemented by supporting material such as delegate biographies, a timeline and an explanation of the Treaty’s content.