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Event: 1911 Irish census and technology: bringing past, present & future together


Historical census data are a rich source for researchers. Looking at trends on migration and emigration, trades and professions, education, health, and mobility 100+ years ago can give valuable insights into how our society has evolved and the effectiveness of policy making across generations.

The National Archives of Ireland made a strategic investment to digitise the census records for 1901 and 1911 and these are a publicly available national asset.

The Sensible Code Company in collaboration with the Central Statistics Office Ireland has taken this a step further and pulled the data into Cantabular software which is built to support flexible, real-time exploration and analysis.

Each record is assigned to its relevant geographies: townlands, electoral divisions and counties.  OpenStreetMap Ireland who have mapped much of the historic administrative boundaries on the island of Ireland for this project.

To find out more about this innovative use of our dataset sign up for this free online event on Thursday 29th April: