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Ferreting Out Evil - the records of the Committee on Evil Literature by Tom Quinlan - images (3)

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Petition sent to Committee, December 1926 (Click to see larger image)(Left) Petition with 516 signatures, submitted to editor of Our Boys, Reverend Brother J.C. Craven, supporting suppression of obscene literature.  Sent to the Minister for Justice by Brother Craven with accompanying letter, 10 December 1926, stating...' the reading of such papers as the News of the World has depraved the minds of the younger generation of our community to a degree that they are copying the manner of the robber, the murderer, the scoundrel and the filthy beast, as recorded in that diabolical production'. (NAI JUS 7/1/5) (21K)


Photograph, June 1924 (Click to see larger image)(Right) Photograph published 18 June 1924 in the Bystander captioned "A Featherweight Affair - MISS DORA DUBEY, who is one of the company now appearing in the 'Dolly's Revels' at the Piccadilly Hotel, in one of the earliest styles of summer dresses known to man". Submitted to the Committee by the Irish Vigilance Association. (NAI JUS 7/2/14) (16K)


Newspaper cutting [January 1926] Click to see larger image)(Left) Cutting from The Irish Independent [10 January 1926]: Advertisement for health tonic called phospherine. Sent to the Committee by a Mr. J. Arthur of Co. Clare. Mr. Arthur seems to have regarded the illustration of dancers as obscene, as well as the placement of it in close proximity to an advertisement for a Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. (NAI, JUS7/1/5) (27K)


(Newspaper cutting [January 1926]  (Click to see larger image)Right) Cutting [Irish Independent 20 January 1926]: Advertisement for Veet hair removing cream. Sent to the Committee March 1926 by Mr. J. Arthur, Co. Clare. (NAI JUS 7/1/5) (27K)