Michael Molloy’s statement tells the whole story of the printing of the 1916 Proclamation, and why it was done in two halves (see CSORP/1916/8086 for a half-copy). He was chosen by James Connolly to oversee the printing, as he was an experienced compositor. He tells us that Liberty Hall contained 99 rooms in 1916, which seems excessive. He was detailed to Fumbally Lane, one of the Jacob’s outposts, at the start of the Rising, and later did duty on one of the Jacob’s towers. He carried with him the piece of paper signed by the signatories to the Proclamation until he found himself in Richmond Barracks after the surrender, when he chewed it up and spat it out to prevent its discovery. He was sent to Knutsford Jail, and thence to Frongoch. He was released in August 1916.