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Services to Government Departments

Recall Departmental records

A Department may temporarily requisition (or ‘recall’) files that it has deposited in the National Archives, through a request in writing from its Requisitioning Officer. Such requests should take the form of an email addressed to


Archives which have been temporarily recalled by a Department must be returned to the National Archives not later than six months after requisition unless, at the request of the Requisitioning Officer, the period of requisition is extended for a further period. Any such extensions shall be granted at the discretion of the Director of the National Archives or an officer of the National Archives designated by the Director for the purpose. Archives which are returned to the National Archives under this provision may be recalled again at a later date.


A Department may only recall its own files (and the files of a predecessor Department or section thereof) and not the files of any other Department. The Department of Foreign Affairs for example, may not recall files originally created by the Department of the Taoiseach; however, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation may recall files originally created by the Department of Labour or the Department of Industry and Commerce.



Appointment of Requisitioning Officers:

Requisitioning Officers must be appointed by the Secretary General of the appropriate Department and must be of not less than Executive Officer or equivalent grade. The names of Requisitioning Officers must be notified to the Director of the National Archives. A Department may have more than one Requisitioning Officer.


In order to appoint a Requisitioning Officer, a letter on headed paper should be sent to the Director of the National Archives from the Secretary General of a Department, as follows:


Dear Director,


I wish to advise you that I am appointing the following named staff as Requisitioning Officer(s) in my Department for the purpose of discharging functions relating to the recall of records for use by (Name of Department) under section 8(9) of the National Archives Act, 1986: (Name of Person and Grade).


Yours sincerely,


Secretary General

Department of


The letter should be addressed to: The Director, National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8.