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Services for our visitors

Order records in advance of your visit

Members of the public who hold a current reader’s ticket and who wish to consult archives may arrange to have the required material reserved for them in advance of their visit to the Reading Room. Readers requesting material in advance should address emails to provided they fulfill the following obligations:


  • They order the documents three working days in advance of their visit and intend visiting the Reading Room within the three following working days;
  • They quote in their email the precise reference numbers of the documents they wish to consult;
  • They provide the number of their reader’s ticket;
  • They provide a return email address.


Such orders are limited to three items in advance of any one visit and readers should send a separate email in respect of each item requested. Documents are not held out for more than 72 hours and will be returned to storage on the third day if they have not been consulted.


Readers are requested to play their part in making this service a success by ensuring that they use the facility only if they are sure of visiting the Reading Room within the prescribed period. Failure by a reader to visit the Reading Room having already ordered documents means a waste of valuable staff time and any reader who does this on three occasions will forfeit the right to use this ordering service.


Please note that although the following Department of Foreign Affairs file series are stored offsite, retrieval will take place within 24 hours of the items being ordered:


  • DFA/1 – all files with reference numbers beginning D, EA, GR, LN, P and PP files
  • DFA/2 – all files in pre-100 series with reference numbers in range 1/1 – 93/32
  • DFA/3 – all files in 100 series with reference numbers in range 101/1 – 148/32
  • DFA/5 – all files in 300 series with reference numbers in the range 301/1 – 311/62; 314/2 – 314/88 and 315/4 – 320/11