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Census returns

Census feedback

The National Archives has received many suggested corrections to probable errors in the index of names on the census online site, mainly related to misspelled names.


These suggested corrections arrive via the automated feedback facility on the site. Having viewed some of the images, users will no doubt have realised the scale of work involved in digitising the census content. We are very grateful for this assistance from our users and would like to assure respondents that the corrections will be incorporated into the site as soon as they can be verified and amended (if verified) within our database/application system.


Please bear with us until then and continue to let us know if you spot any further transcription errors. Regrettably, the National Archives is not in a position to respond to users’ comments on an individual basis.


A dynamic error transcription form, on which you can enter corrections, is available as a link from every household search/browse results page throughout the census site.


Misspelled placenames

A programme of comprehensive corrections of misspelled placenames will be carried out so users do not need to alert us to these errors.