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May 2004

May Document of the Month  May Document of the Month page 2


(Above) Garda Síochána report regarding the arson attack on Cornafean Dance Hall, Ballinagh, county Cavan on 4 May 1934. According to the report, the attack occurred after a dispute between Fianna Fáil supporters and supporters of Fine Gael and the League of Youth attending a dance on the night of the attack. The report states “Inquiries are being made into the movements of the more aggressive of the men who objected to the Blue Shirts attending the dance on 17/3/34″. A report from the Irish Times newspaper on the same file comments “It is stated that one of the reasons given for the burning was that a United Ireland Party [Fine Gael] dance was to have been held in the hall”.

(NAI, Department of Justice, JUS 8/4)