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April 2004


(Above) Letter from the Secretary of the Department of Justice to the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána dated 21 April 1926, requesting that a statement be prepared in relation to the experience of the Gardaí in dealing with offences under the Obscene Publications Act, 1857, the Indecent Advertisements Act, 1889, the Dublin Police Act, 1842, Section 14, and the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854, Section 72. The letter was written in the context of the appointment of the Committee on Evil Literature by the Minister for Justice, Kevin O’Higgins, in February 1926, to consider and report whether it is necessary or advisable in the interest of the public morality to extend the existing powers of the State to prohibit or restrict the sale and circulation of printed matter. The Committee invited submissions from a variety of individuals, organisations and institutions, including social and religious organisations and at the end of its deliberations, recommended the establishment of a censorship board – for more information, please see the online article on the Committee on Evil Literature.

(NAI, Department of Justice, Committee on Evil Literature, JUS 7/2/11)