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Documents of the Month


January Document of the Month (Telegram to the Taoiseach regarding RTE’s decision not to broadcast the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill in London, 1965)


February Document of the Month (Copy transcript of diplomatic note from the American Ambassador to the Taoiseach demanding that the representatives of the German and Japanese governments be expelled from their diplomatic posts in Dublin, 1944)


March Document of the Month (Photograph taken from the Irish Independent of President Douglas Hyde taking the salute from the Defence Forces at the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, 1939)


April Document of the Month (Letter from the Secretary of the Department of Justice to the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána in relation to offences under a series of acts eg the Obscene Publications Act, 1857 etc)


May Document of the Month - (Garda Síochána report regarding the arson attack on Cornafean Dance Hall, Ballinagh, county Cavan, 1934)


June Document of the Month (Letter from the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Secretary of the Department of the Taoiseach, informing him of the forthcoming visit to Ireland of Princess Grace, 1970)


July Document of the Month (Memorandum from the Chief Secretary’s Office Registered Papers noting the locations throughout the country where orange emblems were displayed on the Twelfth of July, 1839)


August Document of the Month (Garda Síochána report regarding the attack by three German bombers on the Irish vessel, “Loch Ryan”, while the latter was en route from England to Ireland, 1940)


September Document of the Month (Photograph of the Irish delegation to the League of Nations in Geneva, 1923)


October Document of the Month (Letter reporting on the state of the potato crop in the Enniscorthy area, county Wexford, 1845)


November Document of the Month (Telegram from President Eamon de Valera to US President Lyndon B Johnson sympathising on the death of the recently assassinated President John F Kennedy, 1963)


December Document of the Month (Department of Defence memorandum relating to the dropping from a German plane of Irish parachutist – John Kenny – in Kilkee, county Clare, 1943)