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November 2003

Famine Letter  Famine Letter page 2


(Above) From the Famine Relief Commission collection, a letter dated Nenagh, 25 November 1845, to Mr Henry R Payne, Secretary of the Office of Public Works from Mr Crawford, County Surveyor in Tipperary North Riding.


“In reply to the circular addressed me from your office…..I have to say that from all the enquiries and observations I have made I am led to think that the extent of the injury which the potatoe[sic] crop has suffered is not such as to cause any well founded alarm of a scarcity of provisions…..and….I am therefore much inclined to think the greater part of the reports are much exaggerated. When the various precautions suggested have been adopted the malady appears not to spread but I regret to say it is only amongst the better classes that such precautions are adopted – on Saturday when returning from Borrisoleigh, I saw two parties putting their potatoes in the old method of large heaps sunk in the ground altho[sic] the printed suggestions relating to them were…..within 50 yards, their answer to my remonstrance was ‘If it is the will of God what can we do’ “.


(NAI, RLFC 3/1/107)