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Search Results for: 1891 census

Commentary No. 9 – will of John Stanislaus Joyce (1915)

John Stanislaus Joyce died in December 1931 in Drumcondra Hospital. His son was overwhelmed with sorrow at his death; he wrote to his patron, Harriet Weaver: “My father had an extraordinary affection for me. He was the silliest man I ever knew and yet cruelly shrewd. He thought and talked of me up to his [...]

Commentary No. 8 – Sloan family census return (1911)

The 1911 census return for Samuel Sloan’s house at 20 Gardiner Place lists John Joyce, James’s father, 61, and his two sisters, Florence, 17, and Mabel Anna, 16, as boarders. The family had moved (or been evicted) from their house in Fontenoy Street in 1910 and had found quarters in Hishon’s Hotel in Great Denmark Street. It [...]

Commentary No. 7 – Thom’s Directory (1904)

In Ulysses, Bloom is recorded as living at Clanbrassil Street as a child. The street is first mentioned in theOxen of the Sun episode: “He is young Leopold. There, as in a retrospective arrangement, a mirror within a mirror (hey, presto!), he beholdeth himself. That young figure of then is seen, precociously manly, walking on a nipping [...]

Commentary No. 5 – CSORP extract (1904)

Councillor JP Nannetti, MP, was Member of Parliament for College Green for the Irish Party in 1904. He later became Lord Mayor of Dublin (1906-1907), an achievement predicted by Bloom in Ulysses. He was also foreman printer at the Freeman’s Journal, and in this capacity, in the Aeolus episode of Ulysses, deals with Leopold Bloom’s request to place an advertisement [...]

Commentary No. 4 – census return for Nora Barnacle (1901)

In 1901, Joyce had not yet met Nora Barnacle, who was to elope with him to Europe and spend the rest of her life with him. The census return for her family, at 4, Bowling Green in Galway city, lists the members of her family: her mother Annie Barnacle, 40, a seamstress who spoke both Irish and [...]